i said… (2022)

for violin and pre-recorded electronics

Workshop and Premeire

Written for Veda Hingert-Mcdonald through Gabriela Lena Frank’s Virtual Artist Partnership Program.

Premiered virtually on June 1st, 2022


seven minutes

Program Note

‘‘i said…’’ is an exploration of human expression and the timbral possibility of the violin. As I wrote this piece, I envisioned a narrative of someone who struggles with self-expression. I was obsessed with tone and transformation: the idea of a crunchy, strained sound that becomes a healthy one. This was my starting point for expressing this narrative. 

The work features a pre-recorded electronic track that includes violin sounds, voice effects, speech, and electronic sounds. The live violin and the electronic track collaborate, exploring feelings of repression, trepidation, and unease. This piece is a process of liberation from these feelings, beginning with a strained stammer, and becoming fervent and free. The violin and voice inhabit unique colors. My intention is for the listener to recognize the visceral quality and similarities between the two throughout the arc of the piece. 

This piece celebrates a unique collaboration between two violinists and composers who share an interest in improvisation, an interest that informed much of our process. My collaborator, Veda, created all the voice material in the track. 

This work and collaboration were made possible through Gabriela Lena Frank’s Virtual Artist Partnership Program.