midnight, often

For soprano, viola, and piano

Text by r.H Sin. Permission granted in 2021

Premiered June 27, 2021 at Longy School of Music


5 mins

Program Note

I came across the work of r.hSin’s poetry in high school on Instagram. One thing I find captivating about his work is the simplicity while simultaneously being powerful and honest. It’s amazing to see how he has used Instagram as a platform to reach so many people with his work. He has inspired me to write this piece.

‘’midnight, often’’ comes from r.h Sin’s book, Whisky Words and a Shovel. The poem describes the typical midnight for a person whose mind is filled with negative thoughts, trauma, and burden from a past relationship.

At the beginning of the piece, the music reflects the dark, pensive atmosphere of someone reflecting at midnight who can’t go to sleep. It then changes into something that is more personal, painful, edgy, and explosive. Midnight, often also explores the meaning of silence. There is the silence where we hear nothing but also silence that is metaphorically represented when one’s internal thoughts are loud. The dark and quiet atmosphere amplifies it. 

This piece was written for Longy Divergent Studios, Divergent Trio.