feel fragments

for oboe, cello, and marimba




Virtual Premiere: October 11, 2023. Performed by Michelle Farah, Kathryn Bates, and Chris Froh.


8 minutes

Program Note

Feel Fragments takes its name and inspiration from Hannah Ensor’s and Laura Wetherington’s poem and fragmented nature. With this piece, I thought about the relationship that fragmentation has in my work. For one, I was interested in creating a more rhythmically-driven piece, straying a bit from my usual compositions, but also dealing with the feeling of pushing and pulling. As a result, the work begins with an agitated 5/8 dance with a consistent pulse, oscillating between two simple harmonies, and looped fragmented gestures. It then transitions into a world opposite from that: something that’s spacious, dreamy, vague, but finds clarity and imagery. The final part of the work goes back into a more consistent beat in a loud, rough, and defiant manner. 

Feel fragments grabs and juggles through various moods, cells, and ideas, but in an interconnected way.