A Day Passes (2020)

For viola, piano, and pre-recorded electronics

(version for piano quintet also available) 

Written for Castle of our Skins Black miniature Composers Challenge

Piano Quintet Version


30 seconds

piano quintet version: two minutes

Technical Requirements

A Mac or Windows computer to play the pre-recorded track.

A speaker that will properly project to accompany the live performers

Program Note

A Day Passes was written in April during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in New York City. While in quarantine, I found myself noticing the persistent sound of ambulances. Hearing this sound so frequently created a surreal feeling and apprehension. This became the source of my inspiration. The piece begins with the sound of the siren followed by the viola and piano playing uneasy, pensive, and anxious music.  After this small build up of fear, the music changes to something more passionate and ends without a complete resolution but suggests a glimmer of hope. Many people are surrounded with negative and anxious energy, the hope assures us that things will get better one day at a time.